Lasansky, Mauricio

Lasansky Mauricio


Mauricio Lasansky has been making prints for more than 65 years – first in his native Argentina, then in New York City, and (more than fifty-five years) in Iowa City, Iowa.

Best known for large scale prints in which he uses multiple plates and full ranges of color, Lasansky combines a spectrum of graphic techniques including etching, drypoint, aquatint and engraving. Throughout his stylistic evolution, he has created eloquent figural statements that are colorful, fresh and spontaneous.


Lasansky has devoted himself to exploring the expressive possibilities of graphic arts. He has amassed a body of prints considered to be among the most powerful and impressive works by a contemporary artist in any medium, and has contributed significantly in establishing printmaking as a meaningful and critical art form of the 20 th century. As a result, he has become one of the first in a generation of important printmakers to teach scores of students, who in turn are teaching scores of future generations in the United States and abroad. For all these reasons, he is considered to be one of the «Father of 20 th Century American Printmaking».The Lasansky Galleries in Iowa City are home to both the artist and his work.

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